Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Short Walk Down Memory Lane

And Forrester is spelled correctly!

The "Olden Days" at First Baptist Church in Indiana. I am not sure the purpose of this event but for some reason everyone dressed up from the "Olden Days." I can't remember who made all of our dresses and bonnets but, I do vaguely remember that event.

I always loved going down slides! For some odd reason the bolts were always on the sides of the slide where I would hold on going down. I always managed to cut my hands from the bolts that were rusty and coming loose. I sure am glad they don't make them like that anymore. My sister can't wait for the picture to be taken so she can push me down the slide and then plow me over!

Looks like a Sunday morning to me. Church, then come back to a big Sunday meal. My favorite was always the banana pudding for dessert!

We are all decked out in our new coats, go-go boots, and holding our bibles! The matching hair-do's we share is killing me! Definitely a night of sleeping in those uncomfortable, pink, spongy rollers!


Marsha said...

Sherri, I know how much you just love the "Bible Girls" photo! I couldn't help myself and had to post it! LOL

mybloomnart said...

love these ...I don't have the one with the costumes or the one with us sitting on the couch...dawn has lepord print on!!! she always was wild I guesss...and jo with jewelry on...she likes to be made up...and me all stiff and serious...hope I have changed but afraid I haven'

Marsha said...

You have a slinky and Dawn has crayons. Your right... I didn't notice Jo's jewelry! I have nothing! LOL